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Is this a big website ?

-My team and I just made this website, so were beginners however we are doing pretty good. With our decent success on YouTube, my team and I get over 100 Active Users every single week!!!!!!!!!!! This may not seem like a lot but we've only been on for a week or so. This website is pretty cool because we are very open to our public. We have news from CNN+FOX+ABC, we have sports news from all of the popular websites and TV channels. We have fun games, updates from 4244richard the owner and maker of this website, and a Chat Room where you can chat with anyone around the world.

-Try and make our website even bigger by going to our Live Chat Room on Fridays from 5:00 to 5:30 pm., discuss anime topics and have fun. You can also Email or Skype me or my team. To get our info. please go to the Help+Support page and or Community Guidelines.

- If you want to help the cause, again just Email us or Skype me or my team. You can also also chat with us on Facebook or Personal Message us on YouTube (4244richard).