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Who runs this website ?

This website is owned and run by Richard Wallace and his crew. This website is supposed to be an extension to (4244richard) or nickname Double-4 on YouTube. Richard Wallace owns and runs many sites such as 4244richard on YouTube, and 4244richard on Facebook. He has a personal Facebook Richard Wallace and a corporation World Studios of 2011 on Facebook. 4244richard is a popular anime reviewer and is social with everyone. He is in a group called The Big 4 which consists of ending-point, double4anime, LiquidCrystalGeneration, and power-players.

Does this website have any special events ?

We have many special events such as giveaways, holiday specials, and local meetings. There are none yet but we will inform you when we do.

Can I be a part of these special events ?

Yes you can, but first you have to apply for membership, its 100% free and easy.

Can I join the Big 4/Weebly Federation ?

Yes you can but first you need to Email or Chat with one of the Big 4 members ( double4anime, ending-point, LiquidCrystalGeneration, or power-players. And remember all of these websites are weebly domain's.                   Example :

I can't see or go on your Live Chat Room

You probably don't have JavaScript downloaded, please check again, once you downloaded. If this is not enough than please Email us at

Where can I watch your videos ?

4244richard on YouTube.

Can I make a website just like yours ?

No you cannot use the same templates and wording as you see on this website, that is illegal. However you can make any other type of website using