Double-4 Anime Reviews ( 4244richard )

Droid Does

Many people say that I Phone kills Droid does or Android, however this is not true. Now don't get me wrong the I Phone is great ( quick browsing, great look, and good calling ) however the Droid kills I Phone. Why does the droid kill I Phone, because the droid is faster, and is supported by JavaScript and Adobe. The droid also has a better motion sensor than the I Phone and in a test the average text-er on the droid beat an average text-er on the I Phone by over 10 seconds. There's also a bigger variety of droids than I Phone's.  Droid is crazy powerful and much cheaper. They also don't break as easy, and are easier to replace. Smart Phones are completely evolving. The MyTouch4G is still leads the Android Market says Cristian a droid expert of power-players on Weebly. Droid really does!!!!!!