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Rules and Guidelines
1. Our Live Chat Room is the most violent area for users, make sure to never give personal info. to strangers, and I can only guarantee you safety on my Email and Skype.
2. Giving out personal information can lead to trollers, spammers, and hackers. If you get fraud or any other type of stolen identity do not blame this domain for your mistakes. We can only warn you, what you do is all your responsibility.
3. Do not go on any sites; chatters send you such as 4chan and or Mac Keeper. You will get viruses from these virus breeding grounds.
4. Please do not blame and or spam my team because of misconception, please send us an email at to solve the problem.
5. If you are caught and or found personally causing hate crime and or any other mischief you will be reported immediately.
6. Copyright Infringement is not allowed if you tell us to upload one of your videos and report us to YouTube on purpose, charges will be put against you.
7. If you feel threatened in any way by the Live Chat Room, contact us immediately and we will either find and report the user and or delete the Live Chat Room permanently from our website.
8. Discrimination and Sexual and Inappropriate Speech is not something we our team support. Please don't indicate hate crime in any way.
9. Games on our website are free for you to use in any way, these games have been authorized in the public domain.
10. You can be sued or pay charges if you violate any of these guidelines and get caught. If you decide to make money off of weebly's material don't be surprised when you have cops outside your door. ( NO JOKE )

Remember have fun and be safe, we are sorry if you feel backed up in to the corner with these rules, we can try to be flexible and let some violations slide, however this is rare. To learn more visit our Help+Support page, we are very serious about your safety.

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The Blog +18 rules____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

- The Blog+18 rules are pretty similar to any other rules on this website, the only difference is that on the Blog 18+ we our team discuss adult topics such as Lindsey Lohan's drug abuse and theft and Sports tournaments, etc...............

- Adult Language is permitted, however hate crime, discrimination, and threats are not.

- Please Feel Free to create your own topics.